Marketing Related


  • To join Erudite Marketing private limited you have to accept and abide by the terms & conditions of Erudite Marketing private limited.

  • You can become our Sales Associate by buying our products and services.

  • To become a sales associate you need a sponsor i.e. someone who is already a Sales Associate of Erudite Marketing private limited. Once you become a sales associate you can start your own business by marketing our products and services which are sold through a marketing system. You are entitled to earn commission for selling our products and services through our marketing system as per the terms & conditions laid down by Erudite Marketing private limited.

  • It is not at all compulsory to participate in the marketing plan of the company. It is the choice of the sales associate whether to participate in the marketing plan. The Sales Associate can just buy our products and services and be a customer. He will be part of the marketing plan and he can participate in the marketing plan whenever he wants to do it.


  • Erudite Marketing private limited provides a unique learn, earn and experience opportunity.
  • As our mission states our aim is to make you financially literate i.e. the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.
  • You can develop your entrepreneur skills and skills that will improve all aspects of your life and experience quality of life.
  • This is business of 21st century. Today the whole country is going digital. We all need to cope with the changing times.
  • No prior qualifications needed.
  • No risk.
  • Work as per your convenience.
  • No infrastructure needed.
  • No expenses for advertising.
  • Risk free capital needed.


  • Commissions are based on sale of products and services and not on recruitment of people. You do not earn commissions for recruiting other people. However you earn commissions on the product and services sold by you and your teams. More products and services you and your teams sell more commission you earn.


    • I) Our marketing network system will be referred as the Base system and is Binary plan.
    • II) To qualify for commission through marketing system you have to generate sales to at least two persons. These persons can be placed on your right and left respectively. You will get 20 % commission for the sales generated through matching of the lesser business volume side.
    • III) The unmatched business volume will be carried forward every week until it is matched and you get the commission. This helps the customer to get entire benefit for his efforts.
    • IV) This is the Base system. You will be joining the company as a trainee and your position will be upgraded in the Base system only when you reach the specified sales on both the teams.
    • V) Ours is a system where only people generating sales are promoted to higher ranks in the base system.
    • VI) It is not necessary that the persons joining the company early or the people at top will earn more commission and people joining later will earn less commission. People joining later can earn more commission than the people who joined early depending on how much and how fast they achieve the sales.
    • VII) The commission is fixed and equal for all customers irrespective of their time of joining.
    • VIII) Apart from this company will provide additional bonus to the customers and will keep certain amount of the matching business as reserve amount which will be used to provide additional upgraded products and services and benefits to the customers. This is additional benefit for the customers which can be modified or ceased as per company decision. This amount will also be channelized through multiple systems to generate commissions for the customer.
    • I) There is a weekly capping on the commissions generated as decided by the company.
    • I) The commissions generated of the sales associates will be paid weekly by the company.